"I feel my progress … it's exciting.  I am learning, developing a pure, natural tone.  You teach with compassion and instill confidence.  Its good for building self-esteem." – C.S.


"Thank you so much for your help and support and encouragement.  The audition went great.  My solo was by far the best of the singers.  I felt great about it.  I was really prepared and had much more confidence as a result of our lessons.  Thank you for all of the guidance you've given me over the years.  I am so excited that, with your help, I can still continue to grow as a singer, even as I age." – M. D.


"Carol Ann Manzi brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her voice lessons. We feel privileged to share her talent with our daughter, who has gained confidence and ability under her expert instruction." – D. C.


"Carol Ann is a vibrant, uplifting voice teacher who describes vocal technique in such a way as to encompass mind, body and spirit.  Her vast experience as a professional singer brings a knowledge and understanding to her lessons that is invaluable.  Her love of teaching and goodwill toward her students is always apparent and quite motivating.  Carol Ann is a professional on all levels, who brings the gift of inspiration to those she teaches.  I feel fortunate to be one of her students." – D. W.


“Carol Ann is an outstanding teacher – extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of singing and yet  compassionate and sensitive to the needs of every student.  I'm thrilled to be working with her, and  the Santa Barbara community is lucky to have her!”  – M. D.


“The changes working with Carol Ann were immediate. I had a chance to perform after only two lessons, and had two people who knew my voice well come up and ask how many months I had been working with my new voice coach!" – C. S.


"A resourceful and inspiring teacher, Carol Ann Manzi is always working to find the right metaphor or the right exercise for each individual's voice and pursuits.  Her live demonstrations are a highlight, showing that – with a great deal of work – it really is possible to produce soaring, heart-rending, and virtuosic song." – S. K.



“I have been studying with Ms. Manzi for about two years.  Friends tell me, to my amazement and delight, that my voice is developing nicely!  Carol Ann meets me where I am and nudges me onwards with just the right amount of patience and perseverance. As a senior citizen, I marvel at her ability to teach this old dog new tricks.  I'm convinced that she brings out the best in her students.”  – T. H.